Purpose of

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Our church exists for the following purposes


We worship. Our church exists to worship God and bring honor to Christ in all we say and do. In many ways this first purpose covers all others, because we are to do all to the glory of God. However, there are two avenues for worship that we believe are not optional in our pursuit of bringing glory to God, and those are specifically corporate worship and family worship.

In other words, regardless of what else we do, we worship as an assembled body in our regular gatherings as well as worshiping as individual families throughout the week in our homes. 


We evangelize. Our church exists to evangelize the lost and bring men and women to saving faith in Christ through the verbal proclamation of the gospel. We believe that the gospel alone is the power of God unto salvation and is the only means by which humanity must be reconciled to God by turning from sin to Christ. 

Beyond personal evangelism, we hold evangelistic services throughout the week. The dates and times can be found on the Contact page


We make disciples. Our church exists to make disciples by comprehensively teaching believers all things that God has taught in His Word. Evangelism and Discipleship are vitally linked because salvation and sanctification are vitally linked as God does in passages such as Hebrews 12:1-2, Col 2:6, Gal 3:3-6.  

Discipleship occurs corporately as our church family gathers each week to hear the preaching of the Word of God, as well as individually. Many have begun to join in personal discipleship. We would be honored to begin studying the Bible with you. Fill out the form below with the word "Discipleship" in the subject line and we will contact you soon!


We fellowship. Our church exists to fellowship within the body. This can be enjoyed in many different ways.

Our church currently enjoys fellowship through a shared meal after our Sunday service, and our young people play basketball throughout the week at the park next door. 


We serve. Our church exists to serve others. Our beneficial deeds ministry provides food for the poor and widows in our community. We serve others because we have been born again. We serve others because Christ served. Mark 9:35, 10:44-45, Matthew 25:40, 1 Peter 4:9-11, 

We give away food to those in need through regular food distribution services. If you would like to volunteer, fill out the form below and put "volunteer" in the subject line.