Sunday @ 1 pm - Corporate Worship Service

Tuesday @ 3 pm - Food Distribution and Bible Teaching

Thursday @ 3 pm - Food Distribution and Bible Teaching

Friday @ 7 pm - Discipleship Groups

Saturday @ 3 pm - Food Distribution and Bible Teaching

Who We Are

Manor Community church is a church revitalization that meets in Chelsea, to declare the message of the righteousness of God to the people in our community and around the world. The gospel we believe compels us to do good to our neighbor through beneficial deeds.

Manor Community Church was started in the mid 1850's as a Sunday School mission to children as an outreach of Marble Collegiate Church. It was named "Manor" because it was the church for Chelsea Manor. Shortly after the church was built the New York Revival of 1858 swept through our city and the ripple effects were felt around the world. Now the building is being restored and hundreds of people are hearing the gospel and receiving food each week. 

350 W 26th St. New York, NY 10001