Sunday @ 1 pm - Corporate Worship Service

Friday @ 7 pm - Discipleship Groups




Manor Community Church is a body of believers who are being radically changed by the gospel  and Word of God.

We are a people who have been rescued from our sin by God's grace and brought into a covenant relationship with Him  through repentance and faith in His Savior, Jesus Christ.  God is our father and we are His people.  To know the Lord is the joy of our life and to serve Him with a conscience free of sin and guilt brings us great peace and security.  

We are a people who desire to love and obey God.  We are learning to do what is pleasing in His sight.

We are a people who love one another and gather weekly to invest in one another's lives for mutual edification.  

We are a people who love our neighbors and demonstrate that love through beneficial deeds and the sharing of the Gospel of God.


A God focused Christ centered ministry—worshipping God the Father through the Spirit and honoring Jesus Christ His Son

Expository preaching—systematically teaching the Scriptures to renew the mind of the believer

Personal discipleship—helping men and women follow Christ in loving obedience to the Word of God

Body Life—using each individual’s spiritual gifts to show Christ to the world

Beneficial deeds—glorifying God by doing beneficial deeds to all men but especially to believers

Grace Giving—giving both our time and resources to meet the pressing needs of local and foreign ministries

Evangelism—taking the Good News of Jesus Christ to all the nations”




350 W 26th St. New York, NY 10001